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Our Safari Vehicles

Long Chassis Safari Vehicles & Short Chassis Safari Vehicles

Comfort and

Just like most safari vehicles, Land Cruisers of jeeps of whatever type, are equipped with all possible safety features – including fire extinguishers, First Aid kits, seat belts and some have air bags. They have specially-designed fuel tanks to allow economical use of diesel during long journeys and snorkels for travel through rivers.

Protection from the Elements :
Being a closed safari vehicle, one is assure of relative protection against most types of external danger as well as weather elements like rain, dust and wind.


Photography and

Game viewing is from the open roof hatch. One chooses either to stand of the floor of the vehicle and pop their head over the open hatch and view animals (or take photos). Alternatively, one could opt to stay seated and view wildlife (and try to take photos) from the slide window.

Seating Arrangement :

The short chassis version :
Can take up to 6 persons comfortably. (Driver included)

The extended or long chassis version :
Can take up to 8 persons (Driver included).


Made In

220Volt electric sockets for battery chargers ensure that you won’t miss capturing any of the special moments you will experience on your safari.

The powerful engines allow the vehicles to manage various kinds of terrain without any difficulties even when traveling on roads that are off the beaten track. Regular services on the motors are essential to ensure continued reliability.

Your safety is our priority.

All our guides only drive their “dedicated” safari vehicle. This results in optimized maintenance, handling, and caretaking of our fleet on the one hand and safe and secure driving due to being familiar with the specific Landcruiser on the other hand.


Luggage Space

As there is limited space available in the luggage compartment, we ask all our guests to restrict their luggage to 15 kg in weight. Luggage that won’t be needed on safari can be stored in the Hotel. Kindly checkout this link to read how to pack for Kilimanjaro and For your Tanzania Safari


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