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Tanzania Safari, Unique Things For a Foodie.

Our safari cook is an Expert, But before he suprises you he needs to know about any dietary preferences well in advance of your arrival. Our safari chef doesn't pride himself on serving excellent food, whatever the dietary restrictions, but every dish served in a far flung location comes from a chef who had enough notice to order in the right ingredients.

Wherever you are, you can count on tasty, wholesome food made by skilled hands and served with Africa's quintessential warm hospitality.

A meal of traditional Tanzanian foods starts with a soup course, featuring local ingredients and spices. The main event comes when you get to the main course.

What is a typical menu on a camping safari?

Breakfast: Hot drinks such as coffee, tea, porridge and other cereals, fresh fruits prepared carefully, scrambled or fried eggs, sausage, toast, butter, honey and jam.

Lunch: A tasty packed lunch which usually includes things like sandwiches and chicken wings, boiled eggs, biscuits and crisps and well prepared fruit. Juice to drink and we always have fresh mineral water available (Kilimanjaro Water,....Oh Yes From The Snow Of Mount Kilimanjaro).

Dinner: Stews, soups or bakes (meat and vegetarian), rice or noodles, carefully-prepared salads and fruits. Tea and coffee.

Drinks: For the drinks, it could be anything from water to coffee and tea to wine and beer. Filtered water is typically available but in the event that it’s not, the camp or lodge will either tell you in advance or provide water for you to drink each day.

What is a typical menu on Lodges ?

When you’re staying at a lodge, for instance, or in a luxury tented camp, you will most likely have your own cook who will prepare your meals for you. Not only will they be able to ensure that your meals are safe and prepared according to high standards of quality; in most cases they’ll also be able to cater to any dietary needs or restrictions that you may have.

All of the lodges and luxury camps that we choose have chefs to provide you with excellent food. You won’t go hungry, or have to worry about food safety while you’re there.

Vegetarian Guide to our Safaris

As a vegetarian you may be wondering if you’re going to go hungry or just eat lettuce and toasted sandwiches on your safari with us?. Well, the short answer is no, you won’t get underfed.

We are capable of providing meals to all vegetarians and we care most about your stomach as well as seeing that you have a wonderful fun filled trip. Most of our safaris are full board, which means that breakfast, lunch and dinner are included. Lodges and tented camps have restaurants serving these meals. They are normally served in a restaurant dining-hall or dining-tent, depending on the lodge or tented camp where you’re staying. The meals are often served in form of buffets, where you can choose what to eat from a number of dishes. There are always hot dishes available for main course. Some lodges and camps serve à la carte.

There are also picnic lunches, usually on for example full day game drives, when returning to the lodge for lunch is not convenient. These lunches may be had in form of picnics in the bush, either in a dedicated picnic site, where tables and toilets may be available, or just in some nice spot found along the route.

Here are some tips on how to plan a safari if you have special diet preferences:

Still Worried about being a Vegetarian on Safari?

Lastly, the human body is resilient and can cope without a high protein diet for some time. Experience has shown that with a resourceful attitude you'll be fine as a vegetarian anywhere! No need to panic !

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