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Our Kilimanjaro Hiking Meal Plan

We are always honored to partner with small-scale farmers in the communities surrounding Kilimanjaro who provide some of the tastiest ingredients in the region.

We Offer Climbers Delicious & Nutritious Food on the Mountain

Our Kili climbs have become renowned for the excellent meals served on the mountain, even at the highest altitudes. We have put a great deal of effort into combining proper nutrition with appealing and varied dishes.

Our meals are high in calories with the proper balance of complex carbohydrates, protein, and the right kind of fats to help sustain your increased level of exertion. We’ve designed our menus to include the right nutrition to keep you going on the climb, with three good meals a day, plus tasty trail snacks the simple sugars in these are helpful in providing a boost of energy to keep you going.

Our Kilimanjaro Sample Menu

We have a separate dining tent with food available upon request at any time. Following are some sample menu items offered during meals while on the Kilimanjaro climb:


Eggs made to order
Smashed Eggs
Bread or toast
Oat and millet porridge
Fresh fruits
Hot coffee, tea, cocoa


Hearty leek and potato soup
Boiled Eggs and tomato sandwich
Fresh fruit
Afternoon tea
Hot coffee, tea, cocoa
Cookies, salted popcorn, roasted nuts


Ginger soup with baked bread
Fresh tilapia with chips
Rice or Pasta
Chicken or Beef Meat
A vegetable sauce
Some potatoes, these will usually be eaten on the first night as they are so heavy.
Avocado or tomato salad

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