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Our Kilimanjaro Hiking Meal Plan

We are always honored to partner with small-scale farmers in the communities surrounding Kilimanjaro who provide some of the tastiest ingredients in the region.

We Offer Climbers,
Delicious & Nutritious Food on the Mountain.

Our Kili climbs have become renowned for the excellent meals served on the mountain, even at the highest altitudes. We have put a great deal of effort into combining proper nutrition with appealing and varied dishes.

Our meals are high in calories with the proper balance of complex carbohydrates, protein, and the right kind of fats to help sustain your increased level of exertion. We’ve designed our menus to include the right nutrition to keep you going on the climb, with three good meals a day, plus tasty trail snacks the simple sugars in these are helpful in providing a boost of energy to keep you going.

Our Kilimanjaro Hiking Meal Plan

What is a typical

Every morning your climb starts with a hot breakfast in the mess tent. This consists of:

  • Porridge (oats or millet)
  • A cooked meal (like eggs, sausages and pancakes)
  • Bread or toast
  • Oat and millet porridge
  • Fresh fruits
  • Hot coffee, tea, cocoa

What is a typical

On your Kilimanjaro climb you can expect a hot cooked lunch: This consists of:

  • Chicken Soup served with White or Brown Bread or potato soup
  • Fresh fruit
  • Afternoon tea
  • Cookies, salted popcorn, roasted nuts
  • Hot coffee, tea, cocoa

What is a typical

Every dinner is different, but there's always plenty of it. This consists of:

  • Rice or Pasta
  • Chicken or Beef Meat
  • Fresh tilapia with chips
  • Some potatoes, these will usually be eaten on the first night as they are so heavy.
  • Spinach-stuffed avocados
  • Boiled eggs
  • Hot coffee, tea, cocoa
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We will offer fresh halal food, prepared in accordance with Islamic guidance. We will offer a Muslim-friendly service for mountain climbing in Tanzania and Muslim guides plus chef/cook. The importance of a Muslim guide is to make sure the environment is conducive for Muslim prayers and making sure you have a mountain taint next to your sleeping tents.

halal food

Special Event &
occasion meals.

If you are climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for a special event or occasion like a honeymoon, a wedding proposal, birthday, or Christmas, Our team can fix a cake and or a bottle of champagne for your big surprise

Great food and plenty of drinking water are important for your well-being on the mountain. We do understand that sometimes altitude sickness might mess with your appetite but for your own well-being, we do recommend that try your best to eat food and drink as much water as possible.

Our meals also come with fresh seasonal fruits for the much-needed vitamins and fiber in the body.

Meet Ally,
our top cook!

Let us introduce you to Ally, one of our excellent cooks! He is a highly trained and experienced Kilimanjaro cook. He knows exactly what needs to be done for a tasty and wholesome meal to be whipped up on the side of Africa's tallest mountains!

He know how important nutrition is on a trip, therefore he will offer quality fresh food on your Kilimanjaro trip.

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