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About Us.

Based in Arusha & Moshi Town in the northern region of Tanzania, The gateway to Tanzania's famous national parks and home to the tallest Mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro. Bantu Pori Journeys grew up outside of the local community. Our highly personalized safaris and treks offer a unique window into this extraordinary region's landscape, wildlife and culture. At Bantu Pori Journeys, we believe in exceeding expectations every time. We listen, design, execute, and believe nothing is impossible. We are avid travellers who use our years of expertise to curate your perfect trip. Our objective is to deliver extraordinary access and unrivalled service, and always to be your travel advocate.

Our passion for this beautiful land drives our desire to deliver unforgettable experiences for our guests. This means that we can literally include any Tanzanian & Kenya Safari Park into your itinerary.

About Us

Bantu Pori "Means"

BANTU is a general term for over 400 different ethnic groups in Africa, from Cameroon, Southern Africa to Central Africa, united by a common language family (the Bantu languages) and in many cases common customs. They migrated slowly (beginning about 1000 B.C.) To the East Africa plains and valleys.
THE BANTU, translated means “PEOPLE”

What is Pori ?, PORI is a swahili short form of a word "PORINI", which simply means


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Our small boutique safari company prides itself on getting to know your safari adventure dreams before developing a number of options that cater only to you and your group. We believe the itinerary you finally decide on is meant to be a perfect fit that you had a hand in designing down to the last detail.

We strongly believe in Customer satisfation as our best advertisement and every day we put our all into providing the highest services to our Clients.

boutique safari company


We are travellers first, so we know well what those who come to visit this beautiful land are looking for and we have the knowledge and experience to show it to the fullest. Our team of passionate travel experts brings decades of experience and a wealth of expertise to every journey. Our veteran trip planners create immersive travel experiences that will challenge you, move you and inspire you.

We are travellers first