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Wildlife Management Area Safari



We conduct camping safaris in a host of wildlife management areas and village lands for an authentic safari. For example, in Oldonyo Sambu and Randlien wildlife management area, we enjoy wildlife and Maasai cultural encounters. In addition, we visit Lake Eyasi and Yaeda Chini, the home of the last traditional Hadzabe hunter-gatherers.

Some of the most remote and exciting wilderness areas in Tanzania are not National Parks. Instead, these areas fall under various conservation categories, such as game reserves, wildlife management areas, and village lands. Such sites tend to have limited tourist infrastructure and see less tourism traffic. However, in the past few years, some of these areas have been opened up by high-end tourism operators as. Such concessions offer discerning travelers superb safari destinations that have the distinction of allowing much greater freedom of activity.


Off the

Due to this freedom of activity, we tend to include visits to such areas in many of our safaris, enjoy the ability to walk and drive off-road, and partake in night game drives.



Our small boutique safari company prides itself on getting to know your safari adventure dreams before developing a number of options that cater only to you and your group. We believe the itinerary you finally decide on is meant to be a perfect fit that you had a hand in designing down to the last detail.

Some of our favorite concessions, offering excellent activities and wildlife and superb accommodation and service, include Mwiba Conservancy, Singita Grumeti Reserves, and the Chem chem Conservancy.


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