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While Many Companies Offer Trips All Over Africa, Our Work Is Focused Only In East Africa.

The main attraction of Tanzania is that anyone can find an adventure there. The level of adventure and contact with nature is controlled by the traveler. Adventurers who want to capture life in a back-to-nature setting are always richly rewarded

Many are drawn by the unique, pristine wilderness in which wildlife still abounds in an unspoiled and exciting environment. Safari-goers can choose to view large and spectacular wildlife in comfortable natural surroundings, unique to this fascinating country.

7 Great Reasons to Travel with Bantu Pori Journeys.

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We are a local hands-on company specializing in East Africa - Africa. Our travel experience has evolved out of our deep love for Tanzania and the Swahili Coast.

When you come with us, you are more than a tourist. You are received as a guest by guides, outfitters, lodge and camp staffs, tribal groups, and researchers.

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