Bantu Pori "Means" People & Wilderness

Bantu Pori "means" People & Wilderness

Client safety, comfort, care and a promise of a holiday that will inject the excitement and mystery of this country and its people into the heart and soul of our clients, is the uncompromising core of our philosophy.

* We include all ground-costs in our safari adventures, from airport pick-up to drop-off. Even the tips! Just let us know what dates you'll be here and we'll handle the rest.


Only the best modified Land Cruisers, never filled to capacity.

Best Guides & Paid Park Fees

Top-rated guides that are knowledgeable and friendly.

Amazing Food & Top Lodging

Three meals per day at all of our selected experiences.

- 5/5 Stars Rated On TripAdvisor.

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We punch well above our weight to create outstanding safari holidays for our equally great guests and commit to open communication and creative holiday planning.

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