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Safari planning is overwhelming! We appreciate your frustration and confusion and are here to help you plan your custom designed African Safari adventure.

Our Official Prices

A Tanzania Safaris & Trekking are expensive, probably you already know that by now. Here is the reason why:  The cost of the particular experience depend on a number of factors, among them being; the number of people traveling, Trekking route, Standard of accommodation and the duration of your trip.

The cost of Tanzania holiday tour is a key concern of our clients and we will be very happy to discuss the available tour prices and packages with you once we understand your needs. What is included in your Tanzania safari package also determines the cost of your Tanzanian trip. Our commitment is to listen and understand your unique style and interests as we design and help you choose your authentic trip.

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There is no hidden charge and there is no hidden fee that we are going to ask you later. Both of our Kilimanjaro & Safari prices will be displayed right before you and you have to pay that amount + Transfer charges only. We value transparency with our customers.

Tanzania Safari Prices - 2021/22

Kilimanjaro Prices - 2021/22

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We are a local hands-on company specializing in East Africa - Africa. Our travel experience has evolved out of our deep love for Tanzania and the Swahili Coast.

When you come with us, you are more than a tourist. You are received as a guest by guides, outfitters, lodge and camp staffs, tribal groups, and researchers.

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