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Kilimanjaro Scheduled Climb Dates

2021 To 2022 Climbing Season

Kilimanjaro Scheduled Climb Dates

Dates and Prices To Climb Kilimanjaro

These are our offered pre-scheduled departures up the mountain, other climbers can join our already scheduled groups which will help to keep costs down if you are a solo, couple or a group of friends looking to climb the mountain. When you’re ready to start planning, let us know your travel wish list and we’ll make sure you explore Tanzania - Africa your way, on your terms.

You don't need to climb on these dates shown below. We publish them only for those who wish to climb with others they don't already know. The majority of our clients choose their own dates (at no additional cost), though most request us to open up their climbs for others to join - simply so as to have extra company on the trek.


To find a date for your proposed trek, please enter a date in the following format.

Example: "1st December 2021".
Alternatively, to see what's available in the month you want to climb, simply type the month into the search box.
If you've decided on a route and want to see available dates for that route, simply filter by route. Example: "Umbwe Route".

Our standard maximum group size is 10 trekkers (except where augmentation is requested by private groups). However, please note that "0 Spots" availability indicates either a fully booked climb, or a private climb that the group has requested should not be opened to others.

Package Reference Code Climb start Climb Ends Route Days Booked Availability
LR07 25 August 2021 31 August 2021 Lemosho Route 7 Days 3 PAX 0 Spots
NC08 27 August 2021 03 September 2021 Northern Curcuit 8 Days 1 PAX 0 Spots
NC09 01 October 2021 09 October 2021 Northern Curcuit 9 Days 1 PAX 9 Spots
UR07 31 October 2021 06 November 2021 Umbwe Route 7 Days 3 PAX 0 Spots
RR07 01 November 2021 07 November 2021 Rongai Route 7 Days 2 PAX 0 Spots
LR08 14 December 2021 21 December 2021 Lemosho Route 8 Days 5 PAX 0 Spots
LR08*WB 05 January 2022 12 January 2022 Lemosho Route Western Breach 8 Days 3 PAX 7 Spots
LR07 20 January 2022 27 January 2022 Lemosho Route 7 Days 1 PAX 9 Spots
MCR06 03 February 2022 08 February 2022 Machame Route 6 Days 3 PAX 7 Spots
MRR06 04 May 2022 09 May 2022 Marangu Route 6 Days 1 PAX 9 Spots
LR09 8 July 2022 16 July 2022 Lemosho Route (Crater Camping) 9 Days 1 PAX 9 Spots
LR07 14 July 2022 20 July 2022 Lemosho Route 7 Days 3 PAX 7 Spots


Please plan to arrive into Tanzania on the day prior to the climb start date, or earlier, and to depart on the day following the climb end date, or later.

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