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Each of our guides has more than 8 years experience as a safari guide and Mount Kilimanjaro treks, meaning you will be guided by knowledgeable and skilled tourism professionals throughout your trip.

During a Kilimanjaro climb, hike with at least one head guide, an assistant guide, cook and several porters.

All of our employees know the terrain intimately and take great pride in their work. They will never compromise your safety. At Bantu pori journeys we are a close community. Most of us live in Moshi town. From management to the guides and porters, we know each other well and have a special mutual respect. We regularly meet all requirements of fair treatment of porters as set by Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project.

Founder Of Bantu Pori Journeys

Founder & Director

I am the Founder, Owner and Managing Director of Bantu pori journeys born and raised in Arusha region - Tanzania. Working with groups and travellers of different setting of life has been quite adventure which plays a great role in Bantu Pori Journeys and generally in tourism industry now. I’m very inspired with how far the company has come.

The little chat with my clients whether is before or after their adventures really gives me confidence of where we are going as a local owned and managed tour operator.

Your Tanzanian dream holiday deserves all the careful planning, to us we take it as your MAJOR LIFETIME INVESTMENT. Therefore we aim to change your entire general outlook and provide enlightening memories that will remain with you for years, bringing you back to the “Cradle of Mankind”, where it all began.

Mountain Guide Of Bantu Pori Journeys

Chief Mountain Guide

Reg. No : KG 183

Mohammed is our main chief guide for mountainering expeditions to the roof of Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru. He is a certified mountain guide with over 10 years of experience.

He knows and respect the motherland mountain, and he also understand and respect the trekkers’ needs, strengths and weaknesses on high altitude.

He is trained in mountaineering skills, First Aid, recognition and treatment of altitude sickness, mountain rescue and basic survival techniques. He is capable of eliciting confidence and best ever performances from clients and crew alike.

Agent Spain

Director - Spain

The first client of Bantu Pori Journeys, Mabel has been such an inpirator to the whole team. A world traveller and a travel agent from Spain. Bringing in a world wide perspective to the entire Local team in Tanzania. From how to organize till the end of your trip.

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We are a local hands-on company specializing in East Africa - Africa. Our travel experience has evolved out of our deep love for Tanzania and the Swahili Coast.

When you come with us, you are more than a tourist. You are received as a guest by guides, outfitters, lodge and camp staffs, tribal groups, and researchers.

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