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Our Covid-19 protocols


Bantu Pori Journeys approach to COVID-19.

With the outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we understand the concerns in planning travel right now. We’re aware of the current uncertainty we face in regards to the virus and would like to reassure you that we at Bantu Pori Journeys remain up to date and will continue to monitor the situation as it unfolds.

With the ever-changing circumstances, our focus is on the safety of our guests, both current and future.

Keeping you Safe, inspired and informed as we navigate COVID-19 together

The Key Takeaways :

  • Tourism in Tanzania is back.
  • With the best time for game viewing, no crowding, and best prices ever, now is your golden chance to visit Tanzania.
  • We’re dedicated to assisting with postponements of bookings for up to 12 months.
  • Strict new rules include thermal scanning, vehicle sanitization after every transfer, and testing.
  • Elsewhere in the WHO reports, it seems virus will stay for us for some time, we need to cope.

Prepare to be safe, but above all, prepare to be awed by the splendour of safari.

When you land in Africa

As with all our tours, we will meet your arriving flight at the airport. Instead of shaking hands, our vaccinated guides and support staff will greet you from a distance and with a mask on. Our mountain and safari guides are trained on Covid-19 safety protocols.

Your dedicated guide will accompany you for the duration of your adventure, ensuring that safety protocols are adhered to every step of the way. Should you have any concerns at any point during your trip, your safari or mountain guide will be your main point of contact.

Covid-19 Testing Facilities

Many airlines and countries now require Covid-19 tests before flying home. Testing facilities are operational throughout East Africa, and our ground team will help you navigate the test process and assist with getting test results. In some cases, we can also arrange for a test practitioner to come to your hotel, thus avoiding a trip to a testing facility. The cost to facilitate and procure each Covid test varies ($50 - $100) and results are received within 24 hours.

Highest levels of sanitation, hygiene, comfort and, as always, excellence.

The moment you arrive in Africa, you will be in our hands.

Tanzania Covid-19 Entry Requirements

Tanzania has just released an update to its May 2021 Covid-19 entry requirements.

According to the new release, all travelers must present a negative PCR test that is taken 72-96 hours before arrival. Certain countries must also take a rapid test on arrival. Such countries are The United State of America, The Republic of India, The Republic of South Africa, The Republic of Uganda, The Republic of Rwanda, The French Republic, Democratic Republic Of Congo, The Republic of Egypt, The Republic of Malawi & The United Kingdom

It is required to fill in a health surveillance form within 24 hours of arrival. Arrival and departure covid tests can be scheduled online. Click here for mainland Tanzania and here for Zanzibar.

Our Safari Trips Safety

Your safari guide ensures that your vehicle is sanitized in between transfers and activities. All high-touch areas such as door and window handles, charging points, and cooler lids are sanitized regularly. Guest binoculars are disinfected daily.

***As of October 15, 2021, all of our safaris and climbs are staffed by guides, cooks and porters who are vaccinated against Covid-19.

Cleanliness has long been an obsession for our team.

Our Kilimanjaro Trips Safety

As with all of our Kilimanjaro climbs, we sanitize and disinfect all equipment in between each Kilimanjaro climb. In order to prevent the spread of Covid-19 on the mountain, we assign one porter to set up and care for your personal camping area. Separate washing stations are provided for crew and guests.

The kits themselves are sanitized

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