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Kilimanjaro Treking Cost

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Kilimanjaro Treking Cost

How Much Does It Cost to Climb Kilimanjaro ?

If you’re seriously considering a Kilimanjaro trek, you’re probably aware there are a wide variety of trekking operators, Both local and foreign operators, Offering a wide range of price points and addons.

Why so much variation ? After all, aren’t you all climbing the same mountain ?

It all comes down to two main factors: quality and ethics.

Our average Kilimanjaro trek costs around $1,500 to $2,200, Excluding Flights. Here’s why

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is an epic adventure trip. We’re excited for you that you’re considering doing it!. Of course everyone’s budget will look different based on various factors like where you live in the world or your income for instance and certain decisions like how many days you want to spend hiking.

We’ve put together this comprehensive but short and clear post to help you work out your personalised budget for Kilimanjaro.

Due to our survey and clients feedback we have put a starting number to about 5000 USD.

5000 USD equals 4400 EUR or about 4000 GBP.

Travel Insurance

First and the most important topic is Travel Insurance. We at Bantu Pori Journeys we think it is crucial and we recommend you don’t skip reading this section !.

Traveller’s insurance is a must for anyone undertaking to hike Kilimanjaro. In fact, travel insurance for hiking up to an elevation of 6,000 m is a requirement. When taking out travel insurance, we suggest choosing one that offers cover for all of the following :

  1. Delayed, cancelled or interrupted travel
  2. Medical insurance
  3. Lost or damaged luggage
  4. & High altitude medical evacuations (Optional)

We recommend that you cover yourself to the tune of at least $200,000 for each of the above categories of insurance (except for luggage).

We higly reccomend World Nomads Insurance. They offer comprehensive yet affordable insurance that crucially covers you for “hiking up to 6,000 m”. Whichever travel insurance you choose, we’ll require you to send us the details of your policy before your flight to Tanzania.

Cost of Kilimanjaro travel insurance

You can expect your travel insurance for Kilimanjaro to cost around $200 if you opt for the sort of package we’ve discussed above.

Flying to Tanzania

You will want to investigate flights to the following three international airports in Tanzania:

  1. International Kilimanjaro Airport (JRO)
  2. Julius Nyerere International Airport (DAR)
  3. The Abeid Amani Karume International Airport (ZNZ)


Airlines flying to Kilimanjaro International Airport include Air Tanzania, KLM, Turkish Airlines, Kenya Airway, Condor, Qatar Airways, RwandAir, and Ethiopian Airways.

Domestic Airlines & Flights in Tanzania

Domestic and charter flights between parks are usually booked by tour operators as part of the tour package. Domestic flights can be booked with several domestic carriers.

  1. Air Tanzania
  2. Precision Air
  3. Regional Air
  4. Coastal Aviation
  5. Auric Air
  6. Safari Air Link
  7. ZanAir

Tanzania Entry Visa

A valid passport is mandatory, and it shouldn’t expire within six months of your intended date of departure from Tanzania.

Visas are required by most visitors and cost US$ 50-100, depending on your nationality. They can be obtained on arrival at any international airport or land border - a straightforward procedure that requires no photographs, nor any other documentation aside from a passport.

A standard tourist visa is normally valid for three months after arrival and allows for multiple entries to Tanzania from neighbouring Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda, but not from other countries.

For those who prefer to arrange a visa in advance, Tanzanian embassies or high commissions exist in Angola, Belgium, Britain, Burundi, Canada, China, CIS, Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Guinea, India, Japan, Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, Netherlands, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sudan, Sweden, Uganda, USA, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Camping and trekking gear

All Camping Facilities Such As Mobile Mountain Hardware Sleeping Tents, Mess Tents, Kitchen Tent, Toilet Tent And Emergency Equipment, Purified Water And Cooking Utensils Are Provided By Us.

We also provide you with a toilet at no extra charge.

Below Is A List Of Mount Kilimanjaro Gear Rental Should You Decide To Rent Instead Of Buying New Ones. We Have Included The Price Of Renting For Each Gear/Clothes.


  • Sun hat - USD 5 per trip
  • Warm Hat - USD 5 per trip
  • Warm Balaclava - USD 8 per trip
  • Neck Warmer - USD 7 per trip
  • Scarf - USD 5 per trip
  • Glove liners - USD 5 per trip
  • Warm mitts or gloves - USD 8 per trip
  • Mountain/Hiking Boots - USD 20 per trip
  • Gaiters - USD 10 per trip
  • Socks - USD 5 per trip
  • Walking Trousers - USD 10 per trip
  • Thermal Bottoms - USD 10 per trip
  • Fleece trousers - USD 10 per trip
  • Walking T-Shirt - USD 8 per trip
  • Hiking Shirt (Long sleeves) - USD 8 per trip
  • Thermal top - USD 10 per trip
  • Fleece Jacket - USD 20 per trip
  • Down Jacket - USD 20 per trip
  • Poncho - USD 20 per trip
  • Rain jacket - USD 10 per trip
  • Rain trousers - USD 10 per trip
  • Ski jacket - USD 15 per trip
  • Ski trousers - USD 15 per trip

Safety Gear

  • Oxygen cylinder - USD 100 per trip
  • Oxygen saturation meter - USD 30 per trip

Hiking Gear

  • Day Pack - USD 35 per trip
  • Rucksack Cover/Rain Cover - USD 5 per trip
  • Camelbak/Water Hydration System - USD 15 per trip
  • Water Bottle (1L) - USD 5 per trip
  • Water bottle cover - USD 5 per trip
  • Duffel bag - USD 20 per trip
  • Plastic bin liner (rubbish bag) - USD 1
  • Hand Warmers - USD 10 (non-returnable)
  • Walking/Hiking poles (one pair) - USD 10 per trip
  • Head Lamp - USD 10 per trip
  • Batteries (variety) - USD 7 per pack
  • Binoculars - USD 10 per trip
  • Sunglasses - USD 10 per trip
  • Ski goggles - USD 15 per trip

Camping Gear

  • Sleeping bag - USD 35 per trip
  • Sleeping bag liner - USD 10 per trip
  • Foam mattress - USD 10 per trip
  • Thermarest - USD 15 per trip
  • Pillow - USD 10 per trip

Pre & Post Hotel Cost in Kilimanjaro or Arusha

For a hotel in Moshi or Arusha, you can expect to pay between 40 USD and 90 USD for a double room. For a little bit less than that you can enjoy a single room. This is based on a standard 3-star hotel that covers all the basics and comes with lockers, aircon, mosquito nets and security.

Since these are regions that sees a lot of tourists yearly, you shall expect a decent level of comfort. Of course, there are more affordable and more expensive options available. Both Moshi and Arusha have a few backpackers options as well as high-end luxury hotels.

Mount Kilimanjaro Routes

It takes between five and nine days to climb Kilimanjaro. The exact day count depends on the route you choose, as some routes are longer than others. You can also choose to take one or two more days than the required minimum on each route to make the hike a little easier. More days also allow for better acclimatisation, and we cannot overstate the importance of proper acclimatisation to the success of your climb.

Prices usually depends on the number of days and climbers in your climb or the route you choose. Also the conservation and the hut fees are calculated per day.

Prices for our Kilimanjaro tour vary between 1500 USD and 2400 USD. This includes transfers from the airport to your accommodation, camping gear, park fees, camping fees, rescue fees, salary, meals and guides, and porters.

Route Duration Description Success rate Price Range (US$)
Lemosho 6-9 days Arguably the most beautiful route up the mountain. It’s popular, but not as crowded as the Machame route. High $2150 - $1565 Pp
Machame 6-8 days A very scenic route and the most popular. It’s therefore the most crowded route. High $1800 - $1565 Pp
Marangu 5-6 days The original route and the only one with hut accommodation. Not very scenic. We don’t recommend this route. Low $1765 - $1500 Pp
Rongai 6-7 days The only route that approaches the top from the north. It’s a good option in the wet season as it receives the least rainfall. It’s the easiest route – though still not easy! Medium $1800 - $1565 Pp
Northern Circuit 8-10 days The newest and longest Kilimanjaro route. It’s very scenic, and is one of the least crowded routes. High $2150 - $1700 Pp
Umbwe 5-6 days The shortest, steepest and hardest Kilimanjaro route. We don’t recommend this route. Low $1800 - $1500 Pp

Mount Kilimanjaro Park Fees Involved

A large part of the money you pay for climbing Kilimanjaro goes towards park fees. These are used for conservation, rescue operations and more.

  1. Forest Fees (Lemosho & Rongai Route): 2 USD to 5 USD per climber & per crew.
  2. Rescue Fees: 20 USD per climber
  3. Conservation Fees: 70 USD per climber per day
  4. Camping Fees: USD 50 per climber per night
  5. Crater Fees: USD 100 a night you can stay at Crater. A stay at the Crater is normally included in the 9 days Lemosho and Western Breach.
  6. Hut Fees (Marangu Route): 60 USD per climber per night
  7. Guide & Porter Fees: 2 USD per staff member a day Click here to read more about the park fees for Kilimanjaro.
  8. Another cost that we could categorize under Park Fees is 18% Value Added Tax (VAT). VAT is included in the total price of your trekking.

How to pay the park fees?

You have two options when it comes to paying the park fees.

The most common and popular option is to pay the park fees upfront to us, along with the trek fees. All prices on our website include park fees as well as VAT. We will then pay the park fees to the park department.

Another option is to pay the park fees directly to the park department. You can do this with any Visa card at the park gate. You would be doing this on the first day of the climb at the park gate we would be entering from.

While booking, you can indicate your preference to us on how you wish to pay the park fees.

Guide For Tipping of Guides, Cook and Porters

Tipping your Kilimanjaro support staff is not compulsory, but it is expected. In fact, tipping on Kilimanjaro has a long history. We urge you to abide by this custom, as not only does it form an important component of staff income, but you’ll probably feel pretty awkward during the tipping ceremony if you’re the only climber not doing any giving.

  1. 6 day hike: Expect to tip anything between USD 140 – 190
  2. 7 day hike: Expect to tip anything between USD 190 – 230
  3. 8 day hike: Expect to tip anything between USD 220 – 270
  4. 9 day hike: Expect to tip anything between USD 245 - 300


And finally, if you want to bring home those cool Eastern African souvenirs, or you are planning some extra days for a safari or partying, then you can definitely expect to pay more. Here is the list of recommended thing to do after your successfull hike :

  1. Visit Local Attractions
  2. Zanzibar Beach Holiday
  3. Tanzania Northern Parks Safaris
  4. Tanzania Southern Parks Safaris
  5. Tanzania Western Parks Safaris
  6. Tanzania Chimpanzee Tracking
  7. Walking Safari In Tarangire National Park
  8. The Serengeti Great Migration
  9. Or All the Above

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